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Grubs Frostline 5.0 Black Field Boot

Grubs Frostline 5.0 Black Field Boot

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The Grubs Frostline wellingtons use their self-insulating insu-foam ultra bootie construction which acts as a neutral medium between the wearer and the outside. The bootie is both waterproof and insulating and exceeds the long-term effectiveness of waterproof membranes and lofted insulations. The boots are waterproof to EN ISO 20344: 2004 5.7 standard. Featuring a super stretch Chloroprene material, covered with a 4 way stretch knitted nylon jersey which can expand not only in width but also height. INSU-FOAM ULTRA™has a fine micro cellular structure, which stops heat transfer through its structure. The microscopic bubbles of air are so small that it is waterproof even in 3.5mm thickness.

* Reinforced toe & heel - to support and protect
* Trax outsole - designed for maximum purchase and stability with a prominent heel for downhill braking
* Hexzorb technology - hexagonal shock-absorbing component that dissipates shockwaves travelling up throughg the wearers leg
* Comfort rating - -20ºc to +20ºc.
* Self-inulating ins-foam
* Waterproof
* Unisex

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