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NAF Gastri Vet Pellets

NAF Gastri Vet Pellets

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NAF Five Star GastriVet is clinically proven. Formulated to target the stomach, to soothe and preserve lining integrity. Designed to help retain clear areas in the glandular and non-glandular regions of the stomach, Five Star GastriVet is also fortified with targeted hindgut nutrients to provide and support live cultures.

- Support natural anti-inflammatory processes
- Help balance pH levels and offer acid ease
- Address integrity of stomach wall lining
- Support fibre mat of stomach
- Hindgut nourishment

Five Star GastriVet works to deliver a suitable stomach environment capable of minimising the impact of compromised gastric defence mechanisms. Working to support stomach lining, strength and durability, Five Star GastriVet helps to enhance the vital fibre mat to retain acid in the glandular region and supports the non-glandular surface thanks to its combination of gelling agents. Activating strong biotic nourishment for the hindgut, the live culture again provides recolonisation to underpin the vital equine fibre fermentation process. Five Star GastriVet contains NAF Five Star BioG, a unique synergistic complex that brings together the latest in evidence based nutritional solutions. Combining live probiotic yeast, prebiotics MOS and FOS and new postbiotic metabolites, Five Star BioG supports total gut health right along the gastrointestinal tract. Whatever the challenge, Five Star BioG works in synergy within NAF’s targeted functional supplements to support your horse’s unique microbiome from fore to hindgut, improving total gut health, digestive efficiency and general wellbeing.

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