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Shires FlyGuard Pro Fine Mesh Earless Teal Fly Mask

Shires FlyGuard Pro Fine Mesh Earless Teal Fly Mask

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Ideal for keeping those small flies and midges at bay, the Shires FlyGuard Pro Fine Mesh Earless Fly Mask is great choice for those horses and ponies who are not keen on their ears being touched Designed to leave their ears and poll uncovered, it also makes a great choice if your equine friend has a particularly big forelock! 

Made with a 3D contour frame over the eyes, Shires masks are designed to stay clear of the face to avoid irritation, without minimising the protection against those biting insects, keeping them happy and content when out enjoying some down time. 

Finished off with a quick and easy to fit secure straps, the Shires Pro Fine Mesh Mask has been designed to remain secure whether your horse is happy to stick their head down and munch on some grass or they are prefer to burn off some energy and have a buck and run.

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