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Wrendale Plush Toy ''MABEL'' Hedgehog Soft Toy

Wrendale Plush Toy ''MABEL'' Hedgehog Soft Toy

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-Inspired by ‘Awakening ’, the illustrated character by Hannah Dale, Mabel Hedgehog is tenacious, intelligent and creative.

Curl up with this cuddly plush character hedgehog. Mabel features a soft beige tummy with matching paws and face. She has little felt claws and a fluffy brown snout with stitched black nose and beady eyes. Her super fluffy, speckled brown body represents her spiny back. She is complete with the Wrendale logo stitched to one of his feet.

Each plush animal comes with a little tag with information about the character;

Mabel works night shifts and loves a good nap. She is always on the look out for a cosy spot to curl up in. A natural leader, she likes to give rousing speeches to her fellow woodlanders and between naps, is a passionate campaigner for road safety. Mabel’s favourite hobbies are needlework and sketching and she loves a good game of scrabble. She takes a keen interest in astrology and considers herself as a typical Aries.

Snuggle up anytime for a hug with this adorable soft toy hedgehog. When she’s not being cuddled she will sit up on a chair or your shelf thanks to the beans in his bottom. Mabel Hedgehog is an adorable companion for anyone, perfect to give as a gift for a friend or loved one at Christmas, a birthday or to show them you care.

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